During the 19th century, Giovanni Baptista Morgagni proposed the concept in which he used pathology and human anatomy to find out the causes of diseases. This study bridged a huge gap between patient symptoms and pathology making a connection between symptoms on the outside and diseases in the inside. Morgagni argued that disease could be traced to a particular pathology or disturbance in individual organs (Reiser, 1978, pg. 17). Morgagni laid the foundation of pathological anatomy by comparing clinical findings to post moterm findings. The anatomy concept of disease explains that disease often affects anatomy and a change in anatomy can cause a disease. Methods of seeing into the body have become the mainstay in the diagnosis of the disease. Advance in technology has enabled doctors to see into the body and observe internal structures without surgery e.g. the use of x-rays (Beers, 2006).

Maintaining clean and healthy teeth for your children will prevent tooth loss. Tooth loss in young children can cause the permanent teeth that are still growing below the gums to shift to the gap. The result is that the permanent teeth will end up being crowded or crooked, thus creating a complication that will need orthodontic treatment.

sugars and vitamins that will nourish you, your brain and your body. Refrain from eating fried oily food for breakfast as you may feel sluggish later. Never

If you have a cat, consider purchasing few toys so they can keep themselves entertained. Where rodents such as gerbils or hamsters are concerned, an exercise wheel can be mounted in their cages for their daily exertion.

If water does not have a way to flow from the house it will find a way in which to enter the home which will damage the homes structure. It is crucial that the gutters and downspouts are all clear and direct the water away from the home. Check the roofing, both shingles roofing and metal roofing. Any missing or damaged roofing should be repaired. Most homeowners don’t know what to look for when it comes to roofing damage. Once a year it is highly recommended to have a roofing contractor out to inspect the roof, gutters and flashing. Professional roofing contractors can spot areas of inefficiency within your roof, susceptible areas of leakage and can offer immediate help to prevent further damage.

A pre employment physical exam is like any other general physical you may have received at any time in your life. You probably have undergone numerous physicals in the past. Whether it was to get into summer camp or to make the swimming team, the drill is rather simple. What the doctor is going to do is a painless series of testing procedures to make sure that you are healthy enough to perform everyday tasks. No problem, right?

Another holistic tip would be to add lemons to your water. Lemons can give your water a little taste but can also give your body natural acids (citric acid) that have been shown to dissolve calcium based stones. We also suggest drinking fruit and vegetable juices because of citrates. Some of the newest research has shown that citrates reduce the amount of uric acid and can eliminate calcium deposits from the kidneys.

Teachers in schools should always try to have a good rapport with their students, so that students do not hesitate in talking to them about their problems. Similarly, parents should always try to talk to their children and discuss about all their problems and issues with them. Especially in loneliness, a simple talk can provide a lot of help.